T-chan (sohma_shigure) wrote in ghettocosplay,

a cosplayer revisiting the art of "ghetto"

wow. i haven't done anything like this since '01 when i first started cosplaying.(every costume for a year and a half was ghetto max.) and since climbing up the cosplay ladder a few rungs in terms of skills and costume quality, i noticed that myself and others would shun the ghetto cosplayers and their crappy looking costumes...

but after an event i went to yesterday i was reminded just how much fun ghetto could be! XD i ended up going as the worst saiyuki goku ever and a pretty poor looking sasuke. the heat and humidity aside, i haven't had this much fun is costume in a while. ^___^

so whenever the pictures get posted on the web, i'll be sure to link my monstrosities here for all to see. *waves* be nice to the community newb. ^^;

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