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Ghetto Cosplay

is it lame enough for you?

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Ghetto Cosplay is....
-totally spontaneous
-uses only found materials
-just for fun

Ghetto Cosplay basically involves grabbing anything you've got lying around and turning it into a costume!  It's not supposed to be great, and really it's not even supposed to be good, it's GHETTO!  ^_^  Duct tape, toilet paper, pipe cleaners, all sorts of randomness go into the mix.

Community Rules:
-no flaming
-no offensive language
-post only ghetto costumes
-absolutely no selling things (ebay or otherwise)
-Be kind to those with slow modems and use the LJ cut when posting multiple pictures
-Have fun!! This is ghetto cosplay.
If you abuse the rules your post will be deleted, multiple abuses will get you banned.

If you need some help with inspiration here's some links as examples:
Celine's Ghetto Cosplay- the original and creator of ghetto cosplay
Paper Wings- look in the gallery section