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Ghetto Cosplay, Fight~!

Ghetto Cosplay isn't about a costume you actually planned. It isn't the costume you didn't get to spend enough time on and you're unhappy with. It DEFINITELY isn't someone else's costume that you didn't think was good enough!

Ringo-chan, this community's creator, as Ghetto Hoshino Ruri

Ghetto Cosplay is a random burst of creativity at a convention (or at home, if the mood strikes!) involving gathering random bits here and there and turning it into FINE costuming. Okay, not fine... ghetto. Really, seriously ghetto stuff. Need some examples?

A Ghetto FFX Team
Toilet paper, hotel towels, pillowcases, duct tape, coffee stirrers, and pieces of other costumes produced this incredibly Ghetto FFX team. I had the MOST fun I've ever had at a con putting together my Yuna outfit!

Ringo as Haruko!
Ringo-chan made a great Ghetto Haruko (FLCL) costume with her Hello Kitty dress, turned backwards. Add on her Sugar wig and Sasha boots and safety pin some stripes on and she's Ghetto Fabulous!

Bring on the ghetto-ness, everyone! XD
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